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Hello and welcome to my website! I'm Anthony Kleine. This is my website where I put all of my projects, old and new, into. I am creator of many games, tools, applications and computer programs that I create in my free time, most of which are hand-typed straight into Notepad (in fact, that's even how I created this very page - Notepad FTW!).

For a full list of languages I know, scroll below. Many of these are not being maintained anymore, with the exception of a few, and might be glitchy or outdated, but you are free to try them and use the source code. The projects are listed on the left. I also enjoy 3D Modeling which I publish on my devianTART for free download in Collada DAE format. Did I mention I'm also a fan of Lenny Loosejocks?

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Here are some projects which I have worked on in my spare time. I make lots of different types of projects.
Type: Miniature Website
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A miniature website to promote my favourite campground, Ol' MacDonald's Resort.
Type: Games
A game I originally created with Game Maker 8.1 Lite. I later finished it off in GameMaker: Studio! You may download it at the above link. Despite the title, Breakup is a game you'll never want to part with!
Type: Games
Alternate URL:
Mobile: The Most Boring MMO Ever Android App (via Google Play )
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An amazing(ly boring) adventure awaits you! Oh yeah, the MMO part. Just chat with your friends about it. Try it. Please note that for legacy reasons, this project is still on my old server, hence the fact it opens in a new window.
Type: Games
Alternate URL: ,
This game was kind of a joke. There used to be this student in my class named Brennin. He was random and funny, and a good class clown. But a lot of teachers and students were not very appreciative of his... humour. His teachers didn't like the fact he "disrupted the class". But what else is new? So, one day, I decided to stand up for Brennin. Because I'm just that nice. So here's my Don't Fight Brennin game from this joke. It became one of my most popular early JS games. You're welcome, Brennin.
Type: Games
I wanted to make a game for my Mom, so I threw this together on Mother's Day. It wasn't perfect, but later I edited some of the code to make it run faster.
Type: Games
Made for my sister around Easter, I think maybe 2009?
Type: Games
A nifty tool I made based on stats from my class. Enter your name and it will tell you facts about yourself. These aren't randomly generated, it bases the facts on the letters in your name and is surprisingly accurate. Enter a full name for better results (no information is collected; promise).
Type: Mousepets
I made this in Grade 6 - my very first JavaScript mousepet!! I decided to make little pets using JavaScript which follow the mouse for you to take care of, but most of them don't work anymore. This one works just fine, but it isn't all that impressive because it was my first. I had used JavaScript for websites before, but never this. For my friend Liam who wrote an awesome story about a whale getting mixed with an eagle in a nuclear accident, turning into an evil Whaleagle.
Type: Useful Applications
Via: Google Drive
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This wizard will help you remove cookies and saved games from the popular internet plugins Flash by Adobe, and Shockwave by Macromedia and Adobe. Scripted in VBScript.
Type: Games
If you write lots of stories or literature, you'll laugh your socks off with this.
Type: Saved Games
Original Creator: Aquiris
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Sometimes when websites go down, the games on them go down with them. This happened to Aquiris for example, which used to be a site that hosted webgames. This was one of the games they had, and I decided to rescue it. This game was quite possibly the hardest to rescue due to a lack of source material. When Aquiris (the creator of the game) removed all their games from their site, I decided to take action and reupload here for all those who crave it to play. This Saved Game was previously embedded incorrectly, making it not work on some browsers and operating systems. This issue has been fixed.
Type: Saved Games
Original Creator: Miniclip
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It is a Miniclip classic which was unfortunately updated with some pretty lame music so, I decided to embed the old one here in all its fullscreen glory.
Type: Saved Games
Original Creator: Sarbakan
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Obviously, I am too old to play it and have gotten over it a long time ago, but I used to love this game, and since Nick Jr. seems clueless how to set it up right now on their new site, I decided to put it here for kids to play. Have fun kiddos.


Everyone is allowed to use and/or modify any content by me for any purpose, including commercial purposes, for free, with OR without credit to the original creator (tomysshadow) except where otherwise specified, a share-alike license is used, or the project in question contains content from yet another creator, or any combination thereof. However, I respect the copyright rules of other creators, and will not take content from others without asking their permission first.

Please note this license only applies to the source code of these projects! Visual and auditory content in these projects may come from a variety of mixed sources which may or may not hold the same license or copyright!

About Myself

My grade 9 L.A. teacher had once said she loved the way I "knew so much fun facts and little bits of trivia." That's just a nice way of saying what my classmate Ben had said (that I was a "Wikipedia that Won't Shut Up"). Either way, I am tomy, or tomysshadow on YouTube.

I know a variety of computer languages, and just as well, I love 3D stuff. This is my personal channel, not my school one, so most of my activity is done here. I also know a little French.

Computer languages I know (from best to worst):

  1. HTML
  2. JavaScript
  3. PHP
  4. CSS
  5. GML
  6. XML
  7. RSS
  8. Small Basic (don't remember)
  9. Python (barely know)
  10. VBScript

The Supreme Legion of Awesome People

(a.k.a. some people I met on the internet and don't know in real life, in order of when I first met said person, by username as of writing of said person, all open in new window) Mario Kart 7 Community Code: 61-7874-2408-8797 (open to SLAP members and SLAP fans)



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